Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tattoo convention: Guiness Rishi.

What can I say, he was a cool guy.

Guiness Rishi currently holds the Guiness record for having every flags country tattooed on his body.

Har Parkash changed his name to Guiness Rishi to show his dedication to breaking Guiness world Records. Becuase apparently covering your entire face and body with the nations flags wasn't enough. He currently holds a world record for the adopting the oldest person (is 61 year old brother in law) and the record for the highest sugar cube tower (64 inches).

Rishi's convention pass.

I'm no geographer, but i think there's something wrong with Rishi's tattoo. Australia isn't that colour. He had a portrait of Barack Obama on the other side of his belly. 

Rishi signing up for the tattoo contest. He requested that after he won, he wanted no reward.

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