Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Some photo's from around town.

The daily Newspaper.

Fastest kid in Nepal.

A local road block during a Banda (general political strike)

This man was carrying chairs to a art school we explored that afternoon.

Tattoo convention: Guiness Rishi.

What can I say, he was a cool guy.

Guiness Rishi currently holds the Guiness record for having every flags country tattooed on his body.

Har Parkash changed his name to Guiness Rishi to show his dedication to breaking Guiness world Records. Becuase apparently covering your entire face and body with the nations flags wasn't enough. He currently holds a world record for the adopting the oldest person (is 61 year old brother in law) and the record for the highest sugar cube tower (64 inches).

Rishi's convention pass.

I'm no geographer, but i think there's something wrong with Rishi's tattoo. Australia isn't that colour. He had a portrait of Barack Obama on the other side of his belly. 

Rishi signing up for the tattoo contest. He requested that after he won, he wanted no reward.

Tattoo convention: Tattoosies.

How long do they last for again? Oh....
Thanks to Jose for the cute name, bastard.

Tattoo Convention: The event.

Headed down to the Yak and Yeti to check out a tattoo convention we heard about from our mate Nuresh who works at the hostel, and part time as a tattoo artist.

At least one of them was enjoying the tattoo.

A French artist in town for the convention.

This guy was chilling like this on both the days that I was at the convention.

This guy specialized in body modification. I think he was performing scarification on this customer. It attracted quite a crowd.

The tattoo contest on the final day. This guy was an artist from Australia.

Contestant in the 'Small piece category'.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Some photos by the kids at the Learning Centre.

Some photos from a relatively quiet day at the Learning Center. The kids did really well with my SLR, I believe some of the kids who were old enough have since moved into mainstream education, but I'm not completely sure.