Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Learning Center.

Some images from our first class at the Early Learning Center.

Sandeep attentive during the afternoon lessons.

Me disrupting class with my camera.

Sumitra who runs the Learning Center. Many of the children who come here are from very low income families. Often their parents are day laborers or porters. After one year of 'life skill training' at the Learning Center the children move into mainstream education.

Me drawing a zebra crossing during a lesson. I spelled it 'crosing' much to the amusement of Josh.

Giving a class demonstration on how to use the cameras with Eckbal and Ameer.

We divided the class into 5 groups of 5 - Josh working with one of the groups.

The kids worked great together during the session, the older kids really took leadership and ensured everyone had a go.

We took each group to the temple grounds around the corner from the Learning Center.

Fighting poses were popular among the boys for portraits.

A passerby showing interest.

Being hoisted up for a better angle.